A Year of Supporting Customers and Construction Safety Innovation

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year that none of us will ever forget. But, for G-DECK, it was also a year that we will always remember for all the right reasons too. This was the year that we were able to help construction companies, housebuilders and scaffolders to drive forward progress on projects, often when they had lost time to COVID restrictions and delays.

We began 2020 in a strong position. Our core G-DECK range and innovative G-DECK light system were already a popular choice with construction companies and housebuilders. With a load capacity of 600kg/m2, G-DECK provides the safest and strongest construction safety deck available, with ease of installation that allows rapid deployment and adaptability on site, along with strength that allows materials to be loaded out straight onto the deck. We continued to see high demand from both existing and new users for both of these systems during the course of 2020, and we’re looking forward to seeing continuing growth for these ranges in 2021.

Alongside the success of our established systems in 2020, we also achieved substantial success with new products. The launch of the G-DECK Dual hybrid system has generated considerable excitement in the scaffolding sector. Designed to utilise scaffolders’ existing birdcage tubing in combination with our robust G-DECK decks and patented brackets, the G-DECK Dual system enables scaffolders to benefit from the faster installation and improved flexibility of safety decking, while leveraging their existing assets.

So many scaffolding companies have found that G-DECK Dual offers them a best of both worlds approach by reducing their investment, while enhancing their productivity and helping them win work. We have been able to support G-DECK Dual business partners by connecting them with housebuilders and projects, helping them to achieve a rapid payback period on their investment in our system.

Meanwhile, the growth of our business partner network has also meant that we’ve been able to support housebuilders and construction companies with trusted and quality assured local supply and install providers across our G-DECK, G-DECK Lite and G-DECK Dual ranges.

We also launched the G-DECK Lift Shaft Gate in 2020, enhancing site safety even further and providing hire companies with a robust and feature-packed industry-leading solution at a price that cannot be beaten. With its stable door opening and extension wing, our fast and easy to install Lift Shaft Gate prevents falls into the lift shaft, while allowing operatives to access the shaft to work. At just £470 for the gate and the extension wing, it’s created quite a buzz amongst construction professionals, health and safety managers, hire firms and scaffolding companies.

We’ve had an extremely busy year helping customers across the construction supply chain to keep projects on track and catch up after lockdown. With so many companies now insisting on G-DECK’s safety-first products, we’re expecting this year to be just as busy. We’re looking forward to extending our customer base, continuing to support our existing customers and driving innovation in construction safety throughout 2021 and maximise the opportunities during the recovery.