G-DECK Business Partnership Opens up Opportunities for Scaffold Services Midlands

At G-DECK, our customers in the scaffolding sector are not just our customers; they are our business partners. We work with companies that want to invest in G-DECK systems as an alternative to birdcage and help them leverage maximum value from that investment by providing the highest possible service standards, training and project opportunities.

Scaffold Services Midlands are a great example of how we’re working with companies to help them win projects and add value to their business with our G-DECK systems. Established in 2017 by director, Rob Garbett, and his business partner, both experienced scaffolders, the company delivers scaffolding projects for both housebuilders and major contracts throughout the Midlands region.

Rob and the Scaffold Services Midlands team first came across the G-DECK system when trying to secure a project involving construction of assisted living apartments in Kidderminster.

Rob explains: “The client asked us whether we could use a decking system and suggested one of G-DECK’s competitors, but we were uncomfortable with the quality and safety the suggested system would provide. We could have opted to put forward birdcage, but the time and labour costs involved in that would have prevented our bid from being competitive. We looked around the marketplace for an alternative and came across G-DECK. We have never looked back since.”

Scaffold Services Midlands won the Kidderminster project and used the Government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Load (CBIL) scheme to help it invest in purchasing enough G-DECK product to create up to 1500m2 of construction safety deck. The company has acquired 50% G-DECK and 50% G-DECK Dual, enabling it to utilise its existing bird cage tubing with G-DECK’s trademark robust metal decks.

“The service we’ve received from G-DECK has been fantastic,” Rob continues. “They spent a whole day on site with us to train the team and have been back for four site visits since then to check that our scaffolders are comfortable with using the system and to verify that the safety decking has been correctly installed.

“We were taken aback by how quickly we were able to install the system and had to ask G-DECK to fast track our order ahead of schedule to keep pace with activity on site. They responded quickly and were able to help us. In fact, I’ve never known any supplier to be so willing to go the extra mile to provide whatever we need.”

Part of G-DECK’s commitment to our business partners in the scaffolding sector is that we help them generate new business opportunities in return for their investment in our product and commitment to training. We were able to offer Scaffold Services Midlands an opportunity to deploy their G-DECK systems at a care home project but the company is so busy it was unable to get involved.

“Although we couldn’t pursue the opportunity this time round,” Rob continues, “it’s fantastic to be working with a company that not only commits to offering new project leads but also delivers on that promise. We really do feel that G-DECK is a company that keeps its word and does everything possible to provide the service and product we need, when we need it.

“Becoming a G-DECK business partner was definitely a good decision for us and the product itself is fantastic, there is nothing else on the market that comes close for ease of installation, safety or versatility.”