G-DECK Stairwell Hatch launch

Today we launched our new G-DECK stairwell hatch. This hatch is fully adjustable so can stretch over any size void. This hatch is ultra-easy to fit and is fitted from beneath to stop any fall arrest from above, also it cuts down on the carpenters time cutting a hole in the floor as anyone can fit these over the stairwell, we calculated approx. a £50/£60 saving per plot which gives you a ROI on the hatches very quickly.

The hatch can be installed by one person and takes 20 mins.

It comes in sections so is easy to carry and quite light to lift up. If there is no lip at the wall the hatch comes with a support cross brace that spans the width of the opening and is secured into the board above allowing it to be loaded 3.5kn.

From the picture you will see the various hatch openings. Firstly there is the access hatch for the ladder, this is hinged so opens with ease when pushed with the ladder underneath. Secondly there is the access opening for someone to climb up/down which is hinged also. Once access to the floor is gained you close the access one and open up the letterbox hatch, this allows decks, feet, make up panels, scaffold tube fittings etc. to be passed up or passed down without any fall arrest.

It has been designed to allow a system installed above but won’t foul any of the hatches to make life a lot easier while it’s in situ.

RRP is £399 however with bulk orders there is a significant discount to be enjoyed and we can colour it to your brands colours.

After a sites finished you can send them back to us, we can refurb and re-paint and send back out again to another site as they’re fully metal so they go on and on.

If you would be interested we’d be delighted to visit a site and install one for you to evaluate.