The G-DECK Story So Far

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Why investing in G-DECK as far more than just a purchase.

Here at LDS we took a trip down memory lane this week and when we look back, boy how far we’ve come!

Our systems are already the most safest and feature rich available.

We have the best load bearing system on the planet, with half the components needed per m2 to our nearest competitor.

We have the most lightweight system for non loading requirements which is lightening quick.

We have the only Hybrid system that’s allows scaffold tube and fittings to be used with G-DECK to drive costs down.

We have the best hatches available and some of the cheapest.

Our development team are the best in the field which enables us to think tank fast and develop innovative products at speed.

If you join our G-DECK partner program or have G-DECK on your sites, you will only ever benefit year on year as we innovate our systems even further and develop new ideas that will keep G-DECK ahead of anything in its field.

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