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Who We Are

Our FASET approved G-DECK systems are fully patented and was awarded in 2020 but filed in 2011 (UK & European 12791225.1 – Australia & New Zealand 2012322461 – Canada 2880140 – USA 14/351531) work at heights platform supplied to scaffolding companies, developers and those involved in all building trades, right across the UK.

Our G-DECK systems were designed by Gaz Bains a British born Sikh entrepreneur with a background in engineering and manufacturing, he is the construction load bearing expert who first brought the concept of crash decks to the construction sector 14 years ago. When he set out to design G-DECK, his aim was to innovate once again, bringing fresh ideas to the sector and improving on anything else available on the market. The result is a range of best-in class solutions that offer cost, time-saving and safety advantages.

We are focused on providing you with the right solution for your site and your team. Our experts can help you choose from our innovative 3-in-1 high-strength, low-cost G-DECK trestle/access platform/tower, our robust, lightweight G-DECK LITE system, our unique G-DECK DUAL decking/scaffold hybrid system as well as other products we develop and manufacture like our  G-DECK ACCESS & MATERIALS HATCH.

We are the UK’s number one choice for construction load bearing systems, so whether you’re a scaffolding company, a developer, a construction company or a contractor, we can help.



G-DECK systems provide a safe working platform and fall-prevention safety measure at every stage of a construction project. Fast and easy to install, they provide an access system that can be loaded with materials, enabling work to be carried out at height by every trade on site; from bricklayers, to joiners, electricians and plumbers.

Our systems provide a low-cost, safety-focused alternative to traditional birdcage scaffolding. G-DECK systems have fewer components than any other decking system on the market, so they are faster and easier to install, reducing labour costs and contributing to a more efficient build programme.

We have also designed our systems to stack for storage, ensuring they take up less space when not in use too.

Durable and robust, our G-DECK systems provide complete versatility that can be reconfigured to meet changing needs on site as a project progresses, including easy adjustments to different heights and handrails to enhance safety.

Our systems offer an industry-leading crash deck solution with a range of unique features:

  • G-DECK is the strongest working platform available. Capable of loads easily up to 600kg/m2 it is three times stronger than any other working platforms.
  • G-DECK is the only working platform that can be truly free-standing with no wall-to-wall enclosure required to support it
  • G-DECK is versatile enough to be used as a builder’s trestle, a working platform or a tower using the same components, delivering a genuine 3-in-1 system

G-Deck's Key Advantages


vs Birdcage


Load Weight


vs Birdcage


Trestle - Platform - Tower


Assembly time

With no tools required, G-DECK can be assembled or dismantled at 50m2 per 30 minutes.


We can manufacture G-DECK to any height or panel shape bespoke tailored to your requirements.

Load weight

Nothing stronger than G-DECK with 600kg per m2 load bearing and a 3 metre drop test pass.


No need for multiple solutions to do your builds, G-DECK can be anything you need in one solution



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G-DECK our revolutionary all in one system boasts multi functional options for building using the same components. Why look anywhere else?


The G-DECK load deck system is a patented 3 in 1 market leading multi-functional high strength low cost trestle/access platform/tower.


Our LITE system was developed to offer a stronger, more rigid, faster and budget conscious alternative to plastic decking.


LDS are proud to announce our latest system launch called DUAL which is a true hybrid system that is designed for scaffold…


Very quick to erect and fits any stairwell void and had various hatches to allow various access for trades and materials.

G-DECK as Tower

G-DECK tower is a self-supporting structure which uses the same components as used in its trestle and working platform. It can be utilised…

G-DECK as Trestle

The G-Deck trestle system forms part of our main G-DECK system. We wanted to design a system that could be both a trestle initially…

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