The G-Deck trestle system forms part of our main G-DECK system. We wanted to design a system that could be both a trestle initially for low level builds and then with ease use the same components to create a crash deck platform, this was with a view to saving our users money who needed both.

Compared to most systems which are one or the other, our system can be used at low level course for building up starting at a deck height starting at 0.8m and options to extend up when needed. With additional components such as handrails, cross braces and toe boards, our trestle system is very secure and easy to erect.

Then once you have completed the low level, you use the same components to then build out your crash deck working platform.

Crash Deck 

  • Hop on/hop off modular system that transforms from a trestle to a crash deck.
  • 600KG per m2 loading
  • Handrails for zoning off
  • Unique Zinc coating for longevity
  • Standard scaffold boards used as toe boards
  • Multiple tier platforms built with ease
  • Self-closing gate and ladder bracket for access


G-deck Our revolutionary all in one system boasts multi functional options for building using the same components. Why look anywhere else?


The G-DECK load deck system is a patented 3 in 1 market leading multi-functional high strength low cost trestle/access platform/tower.


Our LITE system was developed to offer a stronger, more rigid, faster and budget conscious alternative to plastic decking.


LDS are proud to announce our latest system launch called DUAL which is a true hybrid system that is designed for scaffold…


Very quick to erect and fits any stairwell void and had various hatches to allow various access for trades and materials.