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STANDARD is a safety decking system and crash deck which is patented and is a 3 in 1 multi-functional high strength low-cost trestle/access platform/tower with a load bearing of 600kg per m2.


LITE is a safety decking system that is stronger and a more rigid budget alternative to plastic decking, ultra-light components make it perfect for a work on/walk on only environment and has a load bearing of 200kg per m2.


DUAL is a hybrid safety decking system for scaffold companies that enables existing stocks of tube & fitting to be utilised as legs, handrails, props. It has a load bearing of 600kg per m2.


The G-DECK STANDARD load deck system is a patented 3 in 1 multi-functional high strength low cost trestle/access platform/tower which is quick to erect, durable and flexible enough to meet your site access needs. Safety is a priority and G-DECK has been subjected to stringent testing and analysis to prove its load carrying capabilities. Both proven on house building and construction sites G-DECK STANDARD is the system of choice for the working platform market.

The system provides an integrated working platform with handrail option; this can be erected at a range of heights from 0.8m up to 5m. The deck has been shown to accommodate imposed loads up to 6kN/ m2 or 600 Kg/ m2 which provides for a wide range of uses on site.

G-DECK STANDARD is the only system in the market that has been drop tested, G-DECK withheld a drop from 3m with 150kg.

  • Self-Supporting structure if required
  • 600KG per m2 loading
  • Removable handrail Options
  • Unique Zinc coating for longevity
  • Loading bays quickly configured
  • Multiple tier platforms built with ease
  • Self closing gates for access
  • Access under platform for walkways
  • Patent’s granted (2011) EP12791225.1, CA2880140, & US14/351531. & AU2012322461

G-Deck has been assessed in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12811-1:2003 and BS EN 13374:2013, and materials used throughout the system comply with the requirements of BS EN 12811-2:2004. G-Deck has passed a rigorous physical testing regime specified by independent engineers and undertaken at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

G-DECK has been proven to be capable of accommodating a uniformly distributed load of 6Kn/m2 at a platform height of 1.8m or 2Kn at 5m. Through calculation and physical testing it has met the requirements of the following European design standards when used in accordance with this guide: BS EN 12811-1:2003 Load Class 3 at a platform height of 1.8m or 5m, BS EN 12811-1:2003 Edge Protection Requirements, BS EN 13374:2013 Barrier Class A.

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Safety Fall Arrest Systems
Our LITE system was developed to offer a stronger more rigid budget alternative to plastic decking. The system has been designed for companies that just need a work on/walk on platform and do not need a lot of load bearing.

Still sticking with our trademark metal decks, for the legs we developed the strength in them by adding a metal inner for stability; our Lite system has already been a great success in areas such as pre fabrication houses and other trades such as carpentry and electricians.

The deck can be erected by using a simple mallet by a two man team at a rate of up to 100 square metres per hour. Critical components positively lock into place for maximum safety and security.

G-DECK LITE is the only system in the market that has been drop tested, G-DECK LITE withheld a drop from 2m with 100kg.

  • 200Kg per m2 loading
  • Super quick to erect
  • Unique Zinc coated decks for longevity
  • Metal inner supporting legs to give rigidity
  • 1.8 to 3m height for optimum working
  • 5 components per m2
  • Easy to move, store and transport
  • Patent’s granted (2011) EP12791225.1, CA2880140, & US14/351531. & AU2012322461

G-DECK Lite was loaded incrementally to a SLS loading of 2Kn/m2 as agreed with the manufacturer. The allowable displacement was set at L/100 (10mm) in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12811-1:2003.

G-DECK LITE has been drop tested from 2m with 100kg and withheld.

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DUAL is a true hybrid system that is designed for scaffold companies in mind that enables existing birdcage equipment to be re-used such as scaffold tubes & fittings together with our DUAL brackets and G-DECK decks to create a best of breed working platform and give huge savings on purchase costs.

Our brackets are designed to fit perfectly over the tube to create the leg that the decks sit on. Tubes can also be fitted at the top of the bracket that allows a further tube run so things such handrails can be created with ease.

You can brace the legs if needed by using standard tube and fittings.

We always advise to add props to joists underneath if using DUAL is being used on first & second floors.

  • Fast to erect/dismantle.
  • Re-use existing scaffold tubes & fittings.
  • 600kg per m2 load bearing (strongest system on the planet).
  • Can be branded with your colours for ownership.
  • Easily create handrails with tube & fitting.
  • Can go up to 4 metres in height.
  • Less storage needed.
  • 100% repairable to maintain long life span.

DUAL is fully tested to BSEN 12811 standard

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The G-DECK access hatch has 3 hatches for materials, people, and decking systems. With anti-slip chequer plate, combination lock and being self-closing makes it full of safety features.


The G-DECK lift shaft gate is ultra-quick to fit. With features such as stable style doors that can only open out, doors padlocked for security, and wings to extend over bigger voids makes it a very cost-effective versatile system.


The G-DECK stairwell hatch allows for stair voids to be covered over with our extendable hatch. It utilises our access hatch but can be extended width and depth with extensions to cover any size void.


Our access hatch has the most advanced safety features available and at a reasonable cost.

It comes with three hinged access hatches. The first is for the ladder, that has two tie points for the ladder to be secured before use. The second is for a person to access up or down which is a self-close, it cannot remain open allowing a possible fall in. The third is a safety decking letterbox style hatch that allows any decking system to be passed up or down without any fall arrest from above.

With additional built-in features such as chequer plate top for anti-slip, combination lock to allow only the trades using it to be able to open and reduces time travelling around site for keys. The colour can be personalised to your company brand colours so looks on point.

For volume orders there are significant discounts to be had.

  • 300kg loading bearing
  • Very quick to erect
  • Person hatch self closes to prevent possible fall down
  • Combination lock or padlock options available
  • 3 Hatches – material, person and ladder
  • Chequer plate top to prevent slips
  • Ladder hatch has two points to tie and secure
  • Can be tailored by size or colour.

Certified to British Standard BSEN13374:2013 CLASS 4

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Our lift shaft gates we’re designed with being lightweight in mind.
A standard set comprises of one gate and one wing however it’s modular so you can add an extension to either side and keep adding until the void is covered.

The gate is 1200mm (w) x 2200mm (h)
Each wing 600mm (w) x 2200mm (h)

The gate has stable style doors which only can open out to stop fall arrest. Being gable means also that the bottom door can remain locked while the top doorcan be opened.

Both doors only open out and can be padlocked for security.

Takes 10 minutes to fit, with minimum fixing required.

We can offer a tailored service on these for specific requirements.

We can powder-coat in your company colours.
For volume orders there are significant discounts to be had.

  • Cost effective
  • Super quick to assemble and fit
  • Doors only open out to stop fall in
  • Gable style doors for safety
  • Both doors can be padlocked for security
  • Zinc coated for longevity
  • Can be tailored by size or colour

Certified to British Standard BSEN13374:2013

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Our stairwell hatch is the only multi configurable system allowing any staircase opening to be covered and made safe.

3.6m wide to 2.4m depth gives plenty of adjustability to suit any stairwell.

Allows trades to access up to carry out works without fouling the hatch. Also allows materials and components to be passed up with ease and safely.

Any safety decking system including G-DECK can be erected over the hatch without fouling any of the hatches.

A load bearing of 2.5kn makes this the hatch with muscle.

We can tailor it to any specific requirement being the designers and manufacturers.

Bulk discounts can be enjoyed.

We have demo models available so please get in touch for a demonstration.

  • Cost effective
  • Can be assembled from below
  • Totally modular so can be extended
  • Our access hatch integrated in
  • Zinc coated for longevity
  • Can be tailored by size or colour

Certified to British Standard BSEN13374:2013 CLASS A

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3X Stronger

vs Birdcage/Plastic

600kg per m2

Load Weight

4X Faster Assembly

vs Birdcage

3X Multifunctional

Trestle - Platform - Tower



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How much can G-DECK be loaded?

Our STANDARD & DUAL systems are 6kN (600kg) and LITE is 2kN (200kg).

Do you need to prop the floor if using G-DECK?

No not necessarily, it all depends on the flooring used, we have lots of clients who don’t prop.

Can G-DECK be repaired?

Yes, which is why there is a big ROI on G-DECK. Any component can be repaired/refurbed.

How stronger is G-DECK compared to plastic systems?

STANDARD & DUAL are 3 times stronger, LITE is the same.

IS G-DECK quick to erect/dismantle?

G-DECK was developed to be a very fast system; we are unaware of a faster system.

Do you manufacture your own systems?

We do manufacture all our systems and products in-house and to ISO standards.

Can I purchase G-DECK on finance?

Yes, you can use your own finance house, or we can recommend one.

Has G-DECK had any collapse cases?

No, we pride ourselves on being the only system available without a collapse.

How long does G-DECK last compared to plastic systems?

Being steel our components will last a lot longer than plastic, especially being outside.

Do I need any other systems to carry out jobs such as party walls?

Unlike other systems, G-DECK is capable of everything without using another system like scaffold.

Is training provided if I purchase G-DECK?

Yes, we offer our manufacturer training, and we are also a full FASET accredited training centre.

Why is G-DECK gold?

All our G-DECK components are coated in our special gold zinc solution.





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