Our Commitment to Excellence

At G-DECK, we're committed to delivering top-tier safety solutions crafted to suit our client's specific requirements. With an emphasis on innovation and dependability, we aim to surpass industry benchmarks, safeguarding the welfare of construction site personnel. As full manufacturers, we maintain stringent quality control measures, ensuring the reliability of our products.

Moreover, as members of FASET, we offer comprehensive training programs, including blue-skilled CSCS card training. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering personalised assistance and expert guidance at every stage of your project. With G-DECK, rest assured, your success and peace of mind are our priority.

Our Products

Discover Our Range of Advanced Safety Products Engineered to Elevate Construction Site Safety. From Robust Trestle Systems to Versatile Crash Deck Solutions, Our Products are Designed for Durability and Efficiency. Rest assured, all our products adhere to Global Manufacturing Standards such as PN EN150 3834-2. Trust G- DECK for Reliable Safety Solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

Why Choose Us


3X Stronger

vs Birdcage/Plastic


600kg per m2

Load Weight


60% Faster Assembly

vs Birdcage


3X Multifunctional

Trestle - Platform - Tower

Happy Clients


Find answers to commonly asked questions about G-DECK products and services. Get insights into load capacity, assembly, durability, and more to make informed decisions for your projects.

How much can G-DECK be loaded?

Our STANDARD & DUAL systems are 6kN (600kg) and LITE is 2kN (200kg).

No not necessarily, it all depends on the flooring used, we have lots of clients who don’t prop.

Yes, which is why there is a big ROI on G-DECK. Any component can be repaired/refurbed.

STANDARD & DUAL are 3 times stronger, LITE is the same.

G-DECK was developed to be a very fast system; we are unaware of a faster system.

We do manufacture all our systems and products in-house and to ISO standards.

Yes, you can use your own finance house, or we can recommend one.

No, we pride ourselves on being the only system available without a collapse.

Being steel our components will last a lot longer than plastic, especially being outside.

Unlike other systems, G-DECK is capable of everything without using another system like scaffold.

Yes, we offer our manufacturer training, and we are also a full FASET accredited training centre.

All our G-DECK components are coated in our special gold zinc solution.

G-DECK in Action

Witness our systems in real-world applications. Explore photos and videos showcasing the strength, versatility, and safety features of G-DECK products on construction sites.

Our Certifications

Discover our commitment to quality and safety through our certifications. Learn about the standards we uphold and the assurance we provide for your projects.

G-DECK is a NASC Services & Ancillary Products Member

Our Blog

Dive into the world of construction safety and innovation with G-DECK. Explore in-depth articles, case studies, and expert perspectives on industry trends, product developments, and best practices for creating safer work environments.

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