Technical Details

  • Erect up to 3 meters in height.
  • Trestle or Platform
  • Very lightweight to handle.
  • Adjustable height leg available.
  • Ultra slim component profile.
  • 200KG per m2 loading.
  • Integral handrails feature available.
  • Zinc or Galvanised coating available.
  • Internal platform access points quickly configured.
  • Self-closing gates for access.
  • Ability to cross brace the legs.
  • Fully Repairable.
  • Globally Patented system

Introducing G-DECK LITE, a robust and rigid alternative to plastic decking. Engineered with lightweight components and ultra-slimline profiles, it enhances manoeuvrability and efficiency.

Tailored for companies needing work-on/walk-on platforms with lighter load requirements, G-DECK LITE maintains strength and rigidity while staying lightweight.

Ideal for timber frame or prefab projects, our LITE System offers a dependable solution for sites and trades prioritizing manoeuvrability over heavy load-bearing capacity.

Remarkably, G-DECK LITE stands alone in the market as the sole system subjected to drop testing, successfully enduring a 2-metre drop with a 100kg load.

BS EN 12811-1:2003.
BS EN 13374:2013 Barrier Class A.
BS EN 12811-2:2004 Grade of Materials.
FASET Approved.

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