Technical Details

  • Erect up to 4 meters in height (Multiple lifts)
  • Designed for scaffold companies.
  • Tube & Fitting or System Scaffold compatible.
  • 600kg per m2 loading.
  • Handrail/prop/additional lift capability
  • Zinc or Galvanised coating available.
  • Internal platform access points quickly configured.
  • Multiple platform levels
  • Self-closing gates for access.
  • Ability to cross brace the legs.
  • Fully Repairable.
  • Globally Patented system

Introducing DUAL, the sole scaffold hybrid system meticulously tailored for scaffold companies. It seamlessly merges existing birdcage equipment like scaffold tubes or system scaffolding with our DUAL brackets and G-DECK decks, delivering a state-of-the-art working platform that redefines efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our brackets are expertly engineered to snugly fit over the tubes, creating robust legs for the decks. Additionally, tubes can be affixed at the bracket’s apex, simplifying the construction of handrails and other structures.

This system provides an integrated working platform with optional handrails, effortlessly erected at heights ranging from 0.8m to 4m. Demonstrating remarkable load-bearing capacity, the deck accommodates imposed loads of up to 6kN/m2 or 600kg/m2, catering to various on-site applications.

For extra stability, standard tubes can be employed to support the legs as needed. Depending on the floor type, props beneath the joists may be necessary to ensure optimal safety and support.

BS EN 12811-1:2003 platform.
BS EN 13374:2013 Barrier Class A.
BS EN 12811-2:2004 Grade of Materials
FASET Approved

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