Technical Details

  • Erect up to 5 meters in height (multiple lifts)
  • Trestle/Platform/Tower
  • 100% Free Standing system.
  • 600KG per m2 loading.
  • Integral handrail and stairs features.
  • Zinc or Galvanised coating is available.
  • Internal platform access points are quickly configured.
  • Multiple-tier platforms built with ease.
  • Self-closing gates for access.
  • Ability to cross brace the legs.
  • Fully Repairable.
  • Globally Patented system

Introducing the G-DECK STANDARD load deck system, a groundbreaking Globally patented 3-in-1 solution that functions as a versatile trestle, access platform, and tower, all rolled into one. Engineered for utmost strength and cost-effectiveness, this system boasts rapid assembly, durability, and adaptability to meet your site access needs. Safety is of utmost importance, and G-DECK has undergone rigorous testing and analysis to affirm its robust load-bearing capabilities. Trusted on both house building and construction sites, G-DECK STANDARD stands as the preferred choice in the working platform market.

This innovative system provides an integrated working platform with optional handrails, effortlessly erected at heights ranging from 0.8m to 5m. Demonstrating remarkable load-bearing capacity, the deck accommodates imposed loads of up to 6kN/m2 or 600kg/m2, catering to various on-site applications.

Setting itself apart from the competition, G-DECK STANDARD is the only system in the market subjected to drop testing, successfully enduring a 3m drop with a 150kg load. Rely on G-DECK STANDARD for unmatched reliability and safety on your worksite.

BS EN 12811-1:2003 Load Class 3 as a platform.
BS EN 12811-1:2003 Edge Protection Requirement.
BS EN 13374:2013 Barrier Class A.
BS EN 12811-2:2004 Grade of Materials
FASET Approved

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