It comes in segments to make carrying it and installing it easy. It’s fully adjustable with extensions that can be added for bigger voids, so our system fits any stairwell.

We designed this system to be fitted from underneath by one person if needed to avoid fall arrest from above. It can be fitted by anyone and takes 20 minutes.

If the stairwell has no lip at the wall the system comes with a support membrane that spans the void and is screwed down at both ends to support giving our hatch a 3.5kn loading.

It comes with three hinged access hatches. The first is for the ladder, the second is for a person to access up or down and the third letterbox style hatch is for allowing any decking system to be passed up or down without any fall arrest from above.

Because it’s metal after a site use it can be returned to be refurbed and repainted instead of having to buy new again to keep your ROI. The colour can be personalised to your brand colours so looks on point.

Volume orders there are significant discounts to be had

Ladder Scaffolding System


  • 350kg loading bearing
  • Very quick to erect
  • Fits and stairwell void
  • Components are light
  • East to carry
  • Installed by anyone
  • Can be colour personalised.


G-deck Our revolutionary all in one system boasts multi functional options for building using the same components. Why look anywhere else?


The G-DECK load deck system is a patented 3 in 1 market leading multi-functional high strength low cost trestle/access platform/tower.


Our LITE system was developed to offer a stronger, more rigid, faster and budget conscious alternative to plastic decking.


LDS are proud to announce our latest system launch called DUAL which is a true hybrid system that is designed for scaffold…


Very quick to erect and fits any stairwell void and had various hatches to allow various access for trades and materials.