Steve Fellows

Here at Malvern Scaffolding, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Three years ago, we made a significant investment in G-DECK’s DUAL decking system to complement our scaffolding operations. Today, we proudly stand as an approved supplier and installer of G-DECK.

Our decision to partner with G-DECK was driven by our quest to enhance the efficiency of installing single-lift birdcages. After a thorough evaluation, we opted for the G-DECK Dual system, and it has truly exceeded our expectations.

The benefits of the G-DECK system are numerous compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffolding. From its swift erection and dismantling to its impressive load-bearing capacity and ease of handrail creation, the advantages are evident.

One of the most significant advantages we’ve witnessed is the improved build time, particularly beneficial in the housing market. And all this without compromising safety.

We’ve found G-DECK to be an exceptional company to work with, providing reliable products and outstanding aftercare service. Their commitment to training our operatives has ensured we maximize the potential of the product on-site.

Thank you, G-DECK, for being an invaluable partner in our journey towards innovation and excellence in work-at-height safety and productivity.

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