G-DECK Partner with Lyndon SGB


This partnership marks a significant milestone as we expand our reach and offerings in the Work At Heights industry.

At G-DECK, we are committed to revolutionising the way construction projects are executed, and the G-DECK DUAL system embodies our dedication to innovation and excellence. This cutting-edge system integrates safety, efficiency, and versatility, providing an unparalleled solution for construction projects of all scales.

With Lyndon SGB’s investment in our G-DECK DUAL system, they are empowered to offer a comprehensive suite of platform system services including sales, rentals, and a nationwide supply & fit service. This strategic alliance brings together our expertise in engineering and Lyndon SGB’s extensive network and industry knowledge, creating endless possibilities for their clients.

What sets the G-DECK DUAL system apart is its unique design, which ensures maximum safety for workers while enhancing productivity on-site. Its modular components are engineered to seamlessly adapt to various project requirements, offering unmatched flexibility and convenience. Whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a large-scale construction project, our system is tailored to meet the diverse needs of any client.

As we embark on this exciting journey with Lyndon SGB, we remain committed to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering excellence in everything we do. Together, we are poised to transform the construction industry and set new standards of safety and efficiency.

We are incredibly excited about this partnership and the opportunities it brings to the industry.

Stay tuned as we both innovate and elevate the construction experience with the G-DECK DUAL system.

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