Want to Win New Projects? Here’s How


We know for a while now construction trades have been hit hard, but G-DECK has a commercial opportunity for you that could help you:

  • drive revenue
  • nurture new customer relationships
  • diversify your services for business growth during the recovery

G-DECK is a market leader in construction load-bearing systems and we have developed a unique business partnership model that allows us to introduce companies like yours to developers looking for a company to erect our systems on-site. We introduce our customers in the scaffolding and construction trades to our network of housebuilders and developers, giving you a ready-made new business pipeline, alongside your own sales and business development.

We can offer you:

  • Active promotion in your region to all our contacts, helping you get on the tender list and win jobs
  • Preferential discounts on any G-DECK orders, no matter how big or small
  • Negotiated payment terms to enable the G-DECK system to start paying for itself before full payment is due
  • Free delivery, usually within 48 hours.
  • Free training with a certificate of competency
  • On-site support from a member of our team who can accompany you on your first installs to advise you if you need it
  • Marketing support, including brochures, videos and case studies

We have a range of market-leading systems to choose from, G-DECK STANDARD, G-DECK LITE and G-DECK DUAL. They are all fully British & European Standards certified, enable rapid, tool-free installation by a two-man team and provide versatile access decking system designed to meet a variety of end user needs.

We’re building a national network of partners so that we can refer housebuilders and developers to a provider trained by us in their area. We’re actively looking for new partners in your area now but we restrict the number of partners per region to protect your return on investment and enable you to win business in your region without any competition from other G-DECK providers.

Sound like an opportunity that’s too good to miss? It is. Get in touch on 0116 251 0352 or email office@gdecking.com to find out more.

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